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A guide to inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children


London Child Protection Procedures (the Procedures) are commissioned by the London Safeguarding Children Board on behalf of the Association of London Directors of Childrens Services, the Metropolitan Police Service, NHS London, the London area of the National Offender Management Service, the NSPCC and Londons third sector child care services.


Complex Child Abuse Investigations - Inter Agency Issues


Safeguarding Young People fr

om Sexual Exploitation


Vision for services for children and young people affected by domestic violence (ADCS/LGA/CAFCASS/WA)


The Right to Choose: Forced Marriages (2008)


Safeguarding Disabled Children Practice Guidance


Safeguarding Children Who May Have Been Trafficked


Safeguarding Children in whom illness is fabricated or induced


The Parenting Assessment Manual (PAMS) assessment (Dr Sue McGaw) is a wide-ranging functional and multi dimensional evidenced-based parenting assessment aimed at vulnerable families particularly those with learning difficulties, their children and their needs. It offers an intensive investigation of parental knowledge, quality of skills and frequency of practice to provide the assessor with a systematic framework within which parenting can be assessed using observation and various exercises.


Safeguarding children and young people who may be affected by gang activity


Case Management and Outcomes for Neglected Children Returned to Their Parents: A Five Year Follow Up Study DCSF

Impact of the Family Justice Reforms


Non Accidental Head Injury Cases (NAHI, formerly referred to as Shaken Baby Syndrome [SBS]) - Prosecution Approach